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  1. Welcome to SolvePay news and updates blog as a registered member on our platform, we encourage all our users to comment on their experience using SolvePay service below, This is why we created this page for you to express your views and relate your experiences with others about our services. Thank you for chosen SolvePay as your online payment solution, Rule world!

    1. I lived in Canada, rightnow I am in Nigeria on family visit. I used solvepay platform to transfer money in to my Nigerian USD account. The service is so prompted. All I did was created my solvepay account and Link my debit card when I selected the currency I want to send and input the bank transfer information including swift code and click send it was so easy. Thanks solvepay for making Africans have a place in global ecommerce market.

      1. Thank you Bello for be the first user to comment on our new blog, We are glad that we make you happy. SolvePay will make all our users proud that we promise, Once again thank you for chosen solvepay as your online payment solution rule your world!


    Due to the prevailing billing systems from our banking service provider The new pricing provided below would commence on 1st Sept, 2019.
    International credit cards 4% of transaction fee + $2.00.
    Local Africa Verve cards 2% of transaction fee +$1.00.
    This is to ensure continuous service provision, up-time and ensure the business is able to successfully sustain itself. We thank you for your patronage and we look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship. SolvePayteam

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