Starting March 1st 2023, Payment for Skybox Services can be done via bank transfer for customers in East Africa!


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About Us

SolvePay is an online marketing and Service provider Platform falls under the jurisdiction of IUPABS Inc, its parent company. SolvePay was developed to meet the yearning needs and demands of fast growing online shoppers in the Caribbean and Africa, to allow access to an unlimited means of online shopping from any store worldwide. Although SolvePay's services are currently available in North Americas, the Caribbean and African regions, SolvePay intends to expand its coverage to include other regions in the near future. The sole purpose of SolvePay is to bridge the gap in online transactions across the world.

SolvePay is an e-commerce company conducting its operations as an intermediary service provider to online shoppers from The Caribbean and Africa. Persons from Africa and the Caribbean shopping from Canadian stores will be able to send their items to their personal, individually assigned Solvepay shipping address located in Ottawa, Ontario. SolvePay will then forward the packages to the our customer given address in their respective countries for a fee. Transactions can be done at the user’s convenience, anywhere in the world with the simple touch of a button on either our website or our app.


IUPABS Inc, the parent company of SolvePay is regulated by major financial Crime Enforcement Networks across the world. As a result, SolvePay is obligated to report anyone conducting suspicious activities on our platform, to the relevant Authorities. IUPABS Inc. is also registered with the following Anti-Money Laundering Agencies:
EFCC - Economic Financial Crime Commission
SCUML - Special Control Unit for Money Laundering - with the registration number SC 151300360.

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FinCEN - The U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network - with the registration enrollment code: ILS4238.

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FINTRAC - Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center of Canada - with the registration number: M18238072.

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SolvePay’s main objective is to provide a platform on which members can Shop, Pay and Receive their products with peace of mind. We seek to provide convenience for millions of online users.

SolvePay's Services have been specially designed and developed to meet the needs and desires of ambtious shoppers from all over the world, starting with the Caribbean and Africa. Our platorm allows online shoppers smooth and high quality service from the comforts of their living room, with the simple click of a button. Members will be able to shop from lists of online stores in Canada or United States of America, and recieve the items in their home country via SolvePay's shipping services.
We strongly advise that if your intention of registering as a SolvePay member is not for the purpose for which is described above, do not join or attempt to use our services. If you are a scammer or cyber-criminal, you should stay away from SolvePay.



47 Old Tiper Garage Kuje(Under Construction)

Abuja FCT, Nigeria.



Vivera Place, Ottawa K2S 0W2

Ontario, Canada.



P.O. Box SP 62065

Nassau, New Providence

Commonwealth of The Bahamas.



To enable online shoppers from the Caribbean and Africa to have unlimited access to all Canadian and American online stores, while becoming the leading and best online marketing and service platform by providing remarkable cutomers services.

We intend to achieve this goal by doing the following:
  • ✦ Always providing reliable and effective services across our regions
  • ✦ Providing our services to ALL members without predjudice
  • ✦ Guaranteeing safety in online transactions across our regions
  • ✦ Always listening to and respecting the will and suggestions of our members
  • ✦ Eliminating the possibility of identity theft in online transactions across our regions
  • ✦ Bridging the gap in online transactions to allow our members to Rule Their World!

    In line with the purpose and principles of SolvePay, this service is designed to serve the basic daily needs of shoppers. SolvePay's service created to bring convenience to the African and Caribbean population, to cater to their online shopping needs with any online stores in Canada and USA in a safe and secure environment.