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Access SolvePay from Any Device

SolvePay can be accessed from any device that is connected to the internet, such as:


✦Desktop Computer


✦Mobile phone

Register and Join - 100% Free!

Anyone over the age of 18 can register for SolvePay’s services, from anywhere in the world. Registration is quick and easy and can be done by completing the following steps:

  • Click on the Sign-up button and accurately fill in and submit your information
  • Account information will be verified by SolvePay

  • Upon verification, you can then add funds to your SolvePay’s account from your bank account using your debit or credit card to top-up your SolvePay account directly
  • You are now ready to utilize your money electronically via SolvePay’s services.

  • Sell Products/Services Online

    If you have a website where you sell goods or services online, you can use SolvePay as your official payment portal. The process is simple:

  • Register for a Secondary Services Account

  • Upload your Business Registration Certificate to validate your account

  • Advertise SolvePay as your official Payment portal on your website

  • Use SolvePay’s convenient template to create invoices for your goods or services

  • As a small business owner in your community and you want to accept payment online worldwide on your website solvepay secondary account is best for you and with this account you will have access to unlimited online marketing tools that will allow you to sell your product and services to millions users online.

  • With solvepay payment button on your website, You will receive payment online, SolvePay users will be able to go to your website that is already accepting SolvePay to select items to purchase and proceed to Checkout and the money will be credited into your solvepay account as online seller of which you can proceed to withdraw into your local bank account.

  • Pay for Goods & Service Online

    As a registered SolvePay member you can use solvepay service to pay online for goods and service. members can paying electronically with just your name and email address via your credit or debit cards from any where around the world in must secure and swift platform. Solvepay accept both local and international credit cards.

    Here’s How To Do It:

  • Register for a SolvePay account verified your account

  • Add funds to your SolvePay account with visa credit/Debit, Mastercard from the user account after login, also african users can use their local Verve debit card to add found to their solvepay account

  • After Money is added to your Solvepay account , You can pay for goods and service from another solvepay user with solvepay account. All Solvepay users can withdraw money from their solvepay account into their local bank account at any time.

  • With Solvepay Services You can pay for goods and services for your families and friend fast and secure at any time from any location in Africa.


  • Persons wishing to make a donation to a worthy cause can do so using SolvePay’s services. There is a payment button named Donate which allows members to donate to various charities with the click of a button.

  • Receive your Products

    We are working on new feature to function with solvepay services that will enable all Africa and Caribbean users to pay with solvepay services to online stores in canada and their products be will ship to our user in africa and caribbean countries via solvepay products collection center from ontario canada at the lowest shipping rate possible.

    SolvePay provides a Skybox service from Canada (Ontario) to Africa, to serve the needs of Online Shoppers since most Online stores and websites only ship within North America.

    Our Skybox services include:
    ✈ A Canadian shipping address provided to our African members, with a unique algorithm generated identification code provided to each member
    ✈ Collection and onward shipping of products to Africa
    ✈ Distribution Centres located in each African country via SolvePay's shipping partners

    We offer the service of receiving packages on your behalf, handling the processing of these packages from our Ontario Collection Centre to our members in all cities in Africa.

    Advantages of Using SolvePay

  • You can spend your money online without disclosing your personal information to strangers. Many have fallen victim to credit card fraud when using their cards online. Criminals can get access to your personal information because your personal information is poorly exposed online, but with SolvePay your information is 100% safe within the confines of SolvePay
  • Your personal information is secure and protected with encryption software providing you with the highest level of cyber security
  • Solvepay is a fast, easy, secure and effective way to transfer money electronically online.These are some reasons you should use Solvepay:
  • ✦The Safety of SolvePay’s users across our platform is of utmost priority. With the current level of online intrusions, persons should only disclose their personal data to any platform that can guarantee the safety of such confidential information that is entrusted to them. This is why SolvePay guarantees to our users that their personal data and private information is secure with us. We utilize state of the art, advanced layers of online security for personal data protection, to give our users a safe and stress free online experience while accessing our services

    Protection of our members’ personal data online is another reason why we have set up multiple security layers, with fully trained staff to safeguard our members’ information. SolvePay will never sell or trade its members’ information, email addresses, names or online search items, like other rogue platforms often do. We believe that when a person utilizes our services, he/she should be able to share his/her simple, convenient and hassle-free experience with friends and relatives. This is why we invest a lot of time and money to ensure smooth, safe and reliable activity across our platform

    Speed - The timing in which we deliver our services to our members is another top priority at SolvePay. There may be some unfortunate instances, due to the fact that SolvePay relies on third party partner services in order to deliver our services to our members. However, we have gone the extra mile to have multiple options on standby, to ensure that our services are always available to our loyal members. We promise that SolvePay will always guarantee quick and reliable service, delivered to our members upon request by simply registering to use our services online.

    Accuracy is another key factor that is ingrained in SolvePay’s principles. We believe that when a person accesses our services online, transactions should be accurately completed in a timely manner. SolvePay utilizes an effective software catalyst, and has also partnered with the best in this business as third party processing partners, to ensure that when funds are sent or received via our platform, such requests are delivered within the promised timeframe. It is with hope that this experience will encourage persons to continue to use our platform in the future

    Honesty is undoubtedly one of the best practices of any successful business, with online businesses being no exception. At SolvePay, we hope to gain and maintain the trust of all our members. We always strive to maintain the best business practices, by all levels of staff in our company. We believe that our members need to know the truth at all times, and we owe it to them to always provide the most accurate information to the best of our knowledge. Thus, SolvePay will never intentionally dispense wrong or inaccurate information to our members. Whenever there is a dispute between users of our services, such as between a buyer and a seller, we will always do our best to resolve such disputes in the best interest of all parties involved

    Reliability – Our members are very important to us, and so we work hard to maintain the high standards of SolvePay, never discriminating against anyone, and always providing the same great service no matter who or where our members are. SolvePay members are guaranteed that each time they access our platform to utilize our services, they will receive the same ease of transaction, and the same professionalism when disputing a matter with us.